Why Epson printer says offline?

Why is my Epson printer says offline in windows 10?

Epson printer says offline

How to bring Epson printer “ offline to online”?

Getting error of “Epson printer offline” is one of the most repetitive issue while you want to give print command. Your computer screen is start showing “ printer offline error” and some time this will be very irritating.

“If Epson printer says offline” indicates the bad connection or non connection between Epson printer and computer. This offline printer problem of Epson printer can be removed by just performing below listed simple troubleshoot steps:

Step 1 : Connection check between Epson printer and computer

Before start with the printer offline troubleshooting steps, we should check all connections between printer and computer. This the right approach to remove the error. This will also help to save the time and struggle.
One of the most basic errors is loose connection between printer and computer in case of wired connection.

Make sure all wires are connected properly and there would not be any hurdle in the connectivity.

If find loose connection, then connect it properly and restart your both device Epson printer and computer after 15 seconds. Your “Epson printer online” status will appear in bottom right corner.

Just to avoid the troubleshooting hassle , you should check USB cable connection on both ends of devices or you can also check by replacing USB cable if you have another cable handy.

This will help you to rule out the problem then and there only. If you found out that there is no problem with the connections and still if its showing Epson printer offline message then move to further step…

Step 2 – Epson printer offline to online manually

Epson printer offline to online in windows 7

  1. On the left bottom corner of screen click on the start button
  2. Click the control panel and the click device and printer

Steps to bring Epson printer offline to online in windows 10:

  1. Click on start button >go to setting> Click on device> printer and scanner
  2. Right click on Epson printer icon and in new pop up menu click on See what’s printing
  3. In new popped up window, click on printer in the top bar.
  4. In pop up menu select use printer online.

Step 3 – Remove all pre given printing commands.

  1. Right click on Epson printer icon in the showing list and then click see what’s printing.
  2. Right click and then select cancel to remove all pre given printing commands
  3. Now click use printer online again.
  4. If still showing printer offline error then restart your computer again.

If Epson printer showing offline error again then move to further step…..

Step 4 :- have to reinstall Epson printer

  1. Click on start > settings > Devices > Printer and scanner
  2. Click on Epson printer icon and then click on remove device.
  3. Open the Epson official site in the browser and download the latest updated printer drivers for Epson printer.
  4. Reinstall the drivers and restart the device.

If this step is not able to take the Epson printer offline error then take the backup of all the drivers and data of printer and remove all printer drivers and programs from your computer and move to further step:

Step 5 – Reinstall all Epson printer driver and package

  1. Log in user account with admin username and password
  2. Click on start button > all programs> Accessories> Command prompt
  3. In the new window of command prompt, type PRINTUI /s /t2. Make sure to give space in between the command. By doing this you will get new window “ Print Properties
  4. Remove all the drivers and packages for Epson printer in the showing list.
  5. Click on add a printer to reinstall it again.

Your Epson printer will show online and will be ready to give you uninterrupted printing services.