How to fix epson printer xp 446 not printing?

You’ve been attempting to alter the status of your EPSON printer from offline to online for two days without success. You have the impression that your computer is not detecting it! How to solve epson printer xp 446 not printing on Mac. Is your printer linked correctly to your computer?

epson printer xp 446
epson printer xp 446

Are you interested in connecting your EPSON printer to the Internet through WiFi or Bluetooth? You’re having trouble connecting it to your live box? You’re unsure how to connect your Epson XP 446 to your Mac? We explain everything in detail so that you can simply setup and install your printer.

Do you, too, have an issue? Have you considered checking the leaflet to see if a solution is proposed? Verify that your product’s handbook is included in the Epson printer manuals.

Let’s begin with the printer itself; immediately upon unpacking it, you may begin unclipping the black plastic covers that form the printer’s shell; these components are totally detachable. You may remove both the one below and the one behind; this will make accessing the connections much easier.

  • Let us now discuss the wires.
  • you are probably aware, the power cord is made up of two sections that connect to one another.
  • Obviously, this is for the purpose of powering the receipt printer.
  • This power cable’s other end should be attached behind the receipt printer.

To enable Epson XP 446 Connect for your epson printer xp 446, follow the instructions below:

How to Troubleshoot an Epson XP 446 that is not connected to the Internet?

  • To begin, download the Epson XP 446 software for Mac in order to set up the printer.
  • Continue, then click Accept to accept the software licencing agreement.
  • After clicking Install, click Close.
  • Next, choose Epson XP 446.
  • Click Next after selecting Printer Registration.
  • Once the Register Epson XP 446 Connect message appears, click OK.
  • Scroll down and check the box I accept the terms and conditions before clicking Next to complete the Epson XP 446 for mac setup.

To utilise an Epson printer on a Mac, you must first download the Epson XP 446 software and then add it to the “Printers and scanners” preference panel. (If you’ve converted from a Windows machine to a Mac, the “Printers and Scanners” preference window resembles the Windows printer control panel.) That’s all; you may now print from your Epson printer on MacOS. As a result, you may resolve Epson XP 446 offline on a Mac.

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