How to Fix Brother HL-L2320D Laser Printer Offline?

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How to Fix Brother HL-L2320D Laser Printer Offline?

If your Brother HL-L2320D Laser Printer not able to print from your computer device via USB, it could be a sign of any number of problems.

Having a problem with technology can be really frustrating, especially when you need things to be done quickly.

With the guidance, you can hopefully resolve your Brother HL-L2320D Laser Printer not printing problem.

Brother HL-L2320D Laser Printer Offline
Brother HL-L2320D printer

If your Brother HL-L2320D Laser Printer not able to print from your computer device via USB, it could be a sign of any number of problems.

Having a problem with technology can be really frustrating, especially when you need things to be done quickly.

With the guidance, you can hopefully resolve your Brother HL-L2320D Laser Printer not printing problem.

This guide will cover some of the troubleshooting that you can perform for yourself with examples from an HP laptop using Windows 10.
Keep in mind that if you have another system or device, the solutions might be slightly varied but the common steps will be the same.

Why Your Brother HL-L2320D Not Printing

There are innumerable reasons why your Brother HL-L2320D won’t print. The issue could be as simple as cycling the power or even having to reinstall the printer.

In fact, there are four main troubleshooting responses that you can complete without taking outside help or paying any money.
In this guide, you’ll be asked to implement and complete each step from most likely to least likely reason your Brother HL-L2320D won’t print.

If the four solutions i.e. given below don’t work for you, there are a few extra options that is listed to help you out. The problem will be resolved before you know it.

1. Check the Connection Between Devices

If your printer and computer device aren’t communicating with one another, despite having the USB hooked in, nothing’s going to print.
To make sure there’s a connection between the devices, you need to make sure that the Tape Creator is on.

Then make sure that both ends of the USB cable are inserted securely and correctly. This means the end that inserts into the computer device and the end that inserts into your Brother HL-L2320D printer.

If you suspect the problem that it is a connection issue, there are more things you can try. Disconnect and reconnect the USB at both ends to see if that will works.

If not, try using another USB port or use another USB cable that’s no longer than six feet or two meters. If you’re using a USB hub, remove it and then afterwards connect the printer directly to the computer.

If none of these resolutions works, the problem probably isn’t with your connection and you should definitely proceed with the next step.

2. Check Printer Driver Settings

The very first thing is to do in this step is to open your Printer Settings. Depending on your system and device, this process might be slightly different but still generally follows the same steps of these examples, which are performed with Windows 10. 

There are multiple ways to look out the settings window in Windows 10. 


You can always use the search function at the bottom toolbar or Start Menu to go directly to the printer folder. 


If the search function isn’t available, you can click on Windows Icon on the left-hand side of the toolbar to go to the Start Menu. The Windows Settings icon is the gear icon that is present on the left-hand pane. 


Once you’re in the Windows Settings, click on Devices. If you’re using the different system, you should be able to find selection for external devices in your settings menu. 


 Once you’re in the Devices setting windows, visit the Printers & Scanners tab on the left-hand pane. Now you’ve found your Printer Settings. 


Under the Printers & Scanners section, you should find the list of all printers and scanners connected to your device. 

Your Brother HL-L2320D printer will appear if the connection had worked correctly. 


In this section, you have to make sure your Brother HL-L2320D printer is all set to Ready. Notice on how the HP Desktop 1000 J110 series 
printer in the example above is set to Offline. 

Your Brother HL-L2320D printer should read Ready in the place of that text once printer is on. 

If it reads as anything other than Ready, you have to reinstall the printer driver, which is covered in Step 4. 

However, if you have multiple instances from your Brother printer i.e. appearing in this list, perhaps one listed as a copy, then you just simply select and print to a version that’s been already Ready. 


If your printer is set to Ready, you need to see if there are any of the documents in the queue. Click on printer in question and press the Open Queue button. 

A new window will then open that will list documents waiting to print. The example is above lists no documents in the queue.

If you have documents i.e. waiting for printing and the printer isn’t working, there is possibility that they’ve managed to get stuck. 


Select Printer on the toolbar to open Printer Menu. Select Cancel All Documents to free up the queue. 

If you were already trying to print something urgent, then delete everything from the queue and try to print it again. 

If these solutions doesn't help, then the problem isn’t with your Printer Settings and you should proceed with the next step.  

3. Restart Your Devices

 By turning things on off and on mode again may sound like too obvious of an answer, leading many of them not to even try it.

In this case, it’s very much possible that your computer’s operating system is having such problems that accepting the new printer and has lead to instability. 

If nothing else, this option doesn’t hurt to try. 

Before you restart your computer device, always note save everything you were working on and make sure all windows and applications are  closed before turning your Brother HL-L2320D printer off. 

To restart the computer safety mode, go to your Start Menu. 


In the start menu, click on On/Off Icon. 


 In the menu, click on Restart to restart your computer device. Wait while your computer does everything it needs to perform and don’t force anything along with it. 

After your computer device has restarted and is running again, turn your printer back on. If the problem continues to persist, proceed to the final step.  

4. Reinstall Printer Driver

If none of the above options worked properly, then the issue might be if your Brother HL-L2320D printer driver isn’t installed correctly.

The very first thing you should do is turning off your printer completely. To uninstall and reinstall the driver could be a bit of a hassle though, especially when, if you’re not sure where to look.

With Driver Support, you can automatically see all the devices connected to your device and the drivers that come with them.

The free program can uninstall and reinstall drivers for you while also automatically keeping up to date with software.

Back to Printing Again

If your Brother HL-L2320D printer won’t still print, there may be another underlying cause of your hardware.

The problem could be with your printer or your computer device. To narrow the situation down that likely causes, try printing from another device or using a different printer to check if either of those solutions works or not.

With any luck, though, your printer is now working right again. To avoid this problem from recurring, it’s always recommended you keep Driver Support on your devices to e sure that everything remains up to date. The service is free with the option for a paid registration and is no hassle to keep it working whenever you required it.

Otherwise, always make sure that your new devices are compatible with your operating system and that is the connections between your USB cable are always attached securely.

No matter what device or operating system you’re working with, this guidance should be able to help you get the basic idea of what needs to be performed even on Mac computers.

Still, to be sure that nothing else randomly stops working after an update push then the printer says offline Support can be a big help in keeping everything in perfect order.

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