How to Fix Brother Printer Offline on MAC?

It is quite frustrating, when you give the printing command, and your brother printer does not respond at all, is that right? Well, there could be many reasons behind this type of offline error, when your brother printer shows offline on mac.

Without wasting any time, let us start discussing the points about how to fix brother printer offline on mac issue.


Steps to Fix Brother Printer Offline on Mac

  • You have to make sure that your printer is getting power supply and is turned ON.

  • Check if there are enough papers in the loading tray.

  • Check and clear any type of paper jam.

  • Make sure your printer is not combating or facing any other error.

  • Your brother printer should be well connected to Wi-Fi network i.e. wireless printers.

  • Check if the USB are seated well in USB ports, and your system is recognizing your printer (wired printers).

  • Delete all the printing jobs from the printing queue.

  • You have to make sure that your Brother printer has the latest firmware version.


If you still find brother printer offline on Mac. Then proceed with the few advanced troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue.


Advanced Quality Steps to Fix Brother Printer Offline on Mac

Unluckily if the initial troubleshooting did not help you in resolving your Brother printer offline error. Then check out some technical suggestions that you can follow to fix your printer issue.

  • Set Brother Printer as Default.

  • Verify Printer Status.

  • Uninstall & Re-install Brother Printer.

  • Reset Mac Printing System.


Now, let us learn in brief about what these reasons are? And how to fix brother printer offline status issue.

Step1: Set Brother Printer as Default

If you have multiple printers added in your Wi-Fi network. Then you have to make sure that you have set Brother printer as ‘Default’ on your Mac. Most of the times, in any office network, there are more than one printers installed.

In such cases, you need to set your preferences as to which printer you want to assign your printing jobs. Changing printing preferences can also help you to fix brother printer offline on Mac issue. To set these preferences, do the below following tasks:

  • Go to the Apple menu.

  • Click on the” System Preferences” menu.

  • Open “Printers and Scanners”.

  • Verify, if your Brother Printer is set as default printer or not.

  • If not, then select “Set as Default” option and you have to make it your default printer.

Now, whenever you give any printing command, your Mac will directly communicate with your specific printer only. And you will not see brother printer offline on Mac again.


Step2: Verify the Printer Status

Did you remember wheather you have paused your brother printer anyway? There are some other reasons as well that can make your brother printer go offline on Mac. Such as your printer went to sleep or it went out of papers while executing the printing job.

In any of such type of circumstance occurs, that means brother printer is surely show offline. Check the printer status and resume the paused printer and perform the below task:

  • Select the Brother Printer’s icon.

  • Click on the “Open Print Queue” option.

  • Check the printer status at the top menu bar.

  • Finally click on “Resume” or “Resume Printer” icon.

This task will get your brother printer back online on Mac. You can now resume with all your pending printing jobs.
If your Brother Printer is still offline, then move on and you should try some more brother printer offline troubleshooting steps.


Step3: Uninstall & Re-install Brother Printer

The next thing you can always try is to remove your printer and add it back to your system. Check out the below steps you need to follow:

  • Open System Preferences by clicking on apple logo at top left corner of screen.

  • Then click and select your printer (brother printer offline on Mac).

  • Look at the bottom of the list; click the [-] button (to remove the printer).

  • Wait for a few seconds.

  • Now, click [+] button in the same window to add the printer again..

Most probably this will get back your brother printer online. Try to give the new printing command.


Step4: Reset Mac Printing System

There might be some form of printing setting you need to change. You should reset the printing settings onto your Mac system. Do the following to reset:

  • Go to the system preferences.

  • Open the “Printer and scanners” option.

  • In the left panel of the window, you will see printer’s name list.

  • Right-click at any space at the left panel.

  • Select “Reset Printing System” option.

  • Now, all the installed printers and their specific drivers will be removed from your device.

  • Next, you need to re-install your printer.