How do I get my Brother Printer Offline to online Windows 10?

brother printer offline window 10

If you are not able to get prints from brother printer because is not working and giving offline error, then learn how do i get my brother printer back online in windows 10?

You can fix brother printer offline to online and it will print again by do some simple trouble shooting steps. You will see it will work perfectly again and will not show any offline error again.

Its very easy to make your printer work again perfectly with the help of in built switch. if brother printer says offline then jus just with in the one click you will be able to make bring it back online easily.

If you are again facing problem and brother printer is showing offline but connected to wifi but you are not able to print then you have to make some changes in printer setup & installing settings to bring back normal printing functions.

Cause of error of brother printer offline issue
There are lots of reasons which not allow your printer to connect or showing off line. Some are listed below :-

Why Brother printer is showing offline on windows 10?

  • If brother printer is not connected to power cable.
  • Brother printer is not connected to laptop or computer
  • Internet issue (Not working / Slow internet)
  • Brother printer should be set on default windows
  • Not able to print due to paper blockage in printer
  • Brother printer offline tick mark is removed
  • Multiple driver installation
  • Drive id not compatible with mac
  • USB is not connected with with MAC
  • Wrong connection with MAC
  • Brother printer offline after new router installation
  • Getting error of printer offline after windows 10 update

How do i get my brother printer back online?

By just performing below mention steps you can fix brother printer offline to online:-

Step 1 :- Look over power button of brother printer

You need to inspect on or off button of brother printer first. There are some possibilities that brother printer machine is on but its still in rest mode.
Examine all the wires, they should properly plugged in and switches on. If brother printer showing OFF status then it may be hardware issue.

Step 2 :- Need to check connection in between Computer and brother printer

Try to make the direct connection between computer and brother printer through USB cable. If both printer and computer are connected through Ethernet cable, make sure to check the IP address.
If printer is connect wireless network then check IP address in setup page.

Step 3 :- Slow internet connection

Slow internet connection is the one of most usual problem for non printing.
Make sure to put the brother printer in the range of router.
Signal strength should be strong and hurdle free. Week connection can create printer offline issue.

Internet should be working properly, without net connection printer will not work at all if connected wirelessly.
Check the internet connect by connect brother printer through USB cable directly

Step 4 : Brother printer should be default on window.

Select the printers folders and make sure tick mark should be ticked on brother printer symbol.

Open control panel then device and printers
Make sure to select the tick mark on brother printer, right click on brother printer and make it default.

Step 5 : Cancel all previous printing jobs on windows

Have to check the paper in printer to make sure nothing is stuck inside the brother printer. If find any paper stuck then click on Brother printer symbol.

Left click on “See Whats Printing
Now need to click on “printer” and then after “ Cancel all documents” to cancel all printing job.

Step 6 :- Remove out the stuck paper

Sometime while printing , paper got stuck in printer and its start showing printer off line.
To make it work again, we need to open the printer from top and remove all stuck papers in side the brother printer.