How to Fix Canon Printer Offline On Windows 10?

Let us Explore The Potential Reasons Behind- ‘Canon Printer is Offline’ Error

Canon printer offline error occurs when the printer is not receiving any print commands from the system. The most reasons for this issue are described in below points and will explain how to fix Canon Printer on Windows 10 specifically.

Default settings issue: Wrong default printer settings might be the reason because of which your Canon printer goes offline. Therefore you have to make sure that your printer is selected as ‘Default Printer’.

 • Use Printer Offline Enable: One of the reason is also when Offline Status option not disabled that is why printer may be goes in offline state.

 • Printer spooler error: A technical error in printer spooler might be the cause of this offline problem.

 • Inappropriate paper feeding: The jamming of the sheets in the Canon printer is a common reason due to which you may face ‘Offline’ error. Therefore make sure that the papers are properly inserted into the Machine.

 • Issues with the USB: A poor connection between the printer USB & the computer due to lose wiring may result in ‘Offline’ error. So make sure that the connection between computer and the printer is made properly.

 • Due to the connection error: Improper connection or no connection between the computer and Wi-Fi router may break off the connection between printer & Wi-Fi router that ultimately will cause ‘offline’ error.

So these are some of the common reasons because of which Canon printer says offline. However in the next section we will discuss about the effective solution for ‘Canon printer keep going offline error’ on Windows 10 computer machine.

Why my Canon printer keeps Going Offline on Windows 10?

How to Fix Canon Printer Offline Error on Windows 10

Firstly we will check the basic connection issue which may show ‘Canon printer is offline’ status on Windows 10 . So you need to make sure that your printer is receiving power properly and is connected to the computer either through the USB cable or through the wireless network.

Check for the Canon ‘Printer Set as Default’ Settings: Due to the wrong settings in the computer Canon printer can show offline error. Therefore, check your Windows 10 settings and make sure that your printer is always selected as “Default printer”.

Follow the below steps for setup as default your canon printer


• Open ‘Control Panel’ from windows search and go to ‘Devices and Printers’ option.  

 Windows 10 Control Panel
 Device and Printer

• Next from the shown printers, right click on your Canon printer and select the option ‘set as default’. Once your printer is set as default,   you  will able to see a Green check mark on it then after.  

 Canon set as default printer 

Disabled ‘Use Printer Offline’ Status: Follow the below steps to make sure your Canon printer is free from any errors-

• Firstly, restart your printer and open run box from the Windows search bar. Thereafter, open control panel and select ‘Device and Printers’. 

• Next, you will see the installed Canon printer on your screen. 

• If you see your printer with a green check mark, then right click on your printer icon and select ‘See what’s printing’ option in drop down.  However, if you see your printer in grey color, right click on it and select ‘Set as default printer’ option as i have Refered to the image below. 
 • Finally, click on the printer option and from there if you see two check marks beside the option of ‘Pause Printing’ or ‘use canon printer         offline' uncheck them to bring your printer back online mode from offline. 


Make sure your Canon Printer’s Spooler Service is Turned ON:


Ensure that Canon printers spooler server is always turned ‘ON’. If it’s ‘OFF’ mode then your Windows 10 system will show “my Canon printer is offline” error. 

That is the reason, you make sure that your spooler service is  turned on by following the below steps- 

 • Go to Window search bar and open the ‘Run’ dialog box. Then, type ‘services.msc’ and hit Enter.

• Now from the visible ‘properties’ window find ‘printer spooler’ option from the list. Once located, you have to make sure that the status of   spooler is in ‘running mode’. If the status is not in the running mode, right click on the printer spooler and select the ‘Start’ option.

• If you want to restart the printer spooler service then right click on the ‘Printer Spooler’ and select option ‘Restart ‘.

• Now close the ‘Properties’ window and check the printer status. It should now be in ‘online’ mode.  

Hopefully by following below steps you will be able to resolve your ‘Canon printer Goes offline on Windows 10’ error.


Faulty or Outdated Printer Drivers Can Also Lead to the Canon Printer offline Error: Outdated or faulty printer drivers can also be the reason for ‘Canon Printer offline on Windows 10’ status. Make sure you install and update the correct printer drivers in your PC. You can update it manually or automatically.

Follow the below steps to update Canon printer Driver :

 • First go to search box on Windows system and open ‘run’ dialog box.

• Then type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in run dialog box as shown.

• Next Device manager window will open. From there expand the ‘print queues’ option to find Canon printer from the list.

• Then right click on your  Canon printer model and click on ‘Update Driver’ option from the menu.

• Next Click on ‘Search automatically option’ to update the drivers software and then reboot your computer. These steps will definitely resolve your  offline problem on Windows 10 for Canon printer.  


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