How to Fix Dell Printer Offline On Windows 10?

Dell is the next industrial revolution which is always committed to work towards advancing the human existence. This top-notch brand truly believes in delivering the best technological solutions to their users at cost-effective prices.

Printers are advantageous for business purposes and household usages. However, there are some technical errors which are mostly unavoidable and annoying at the same time.

Well, there are some errors which occur in every printer after a period of time. And, these errors can be resolved within a limited time period.

Causes of the Dell Printer Offline

There are majorly three possible causes due to which this offline error occurs in Dell printer and they are mentioned below:

1. In the printer settings, the network information goes missing or because of an incorrect IP address.

2. There is a communication error due to firewall or antivirus software

3. Another big reason behind the dell printer offline is that the computer is turning off the wireless adapter to save its power.

In case, you are facing with offline issue in Dell wireless printer, then there are some tested and tried solutions to resolve Dell offline printer problem at that very particular time.

Solution to Fix Dell Wireless Printer Offline

There are some Dell printers in which this issue occurs most of the time such as Dell Dell Printer V525W, Printer E310DW, etc. For Dell printer how to fix, below are the listed solutions to fix the issue permanently.

Configuration of your Printer

• Firstly, find the printers and devices in control panel in your computer machine.

• Now, click on the printer tab and, then right-click on properties/printer properties tab.


• Press the “PORTS” tab.

• Next, in the ports Window, you will be able to see the current IP address.

• Afterwards, copy and paste the exact IP address into the browser address bar.

• Now, the settings menu for the printer screen will automatically open.

• Afterwards, you have to click on the connectivity or Network option from thereon.

• Now, the status of the IP address and that will be clearly visible. Then, change the option to static rather than automatic or manual.

• There’s a suggestion for the manual IP address and you need to change it to manual.

• Click on save option and, after that apply. 

Printing Status

Sometimes, the auto-updated printer driver can change the settings of the printer without any type of notification. Therefore, it is important to check the printer status. Follow the below available steps to check the printing status:

• First of all, turn off your Dell printer and wait for 30 sec and secondly, turn it on again.

• Then, press the Window key + I simultaneously.

• Now, click on devices option.

• And now in the devices option, select the “Devices and Printers” option.

• After that, click on icon with green mark and select “See What’s Printing” option.

• Now, click on “Set as Default printer” option if there is no green mark on that specific icon.

• Again right click on the Set as Default printer and click on option as “See what’s printing".

• Then, click on printer tab on the left corner.

• Remove the ticks from the next option “Pause Printing” and “Use Printer Offline”.

• Now finally, check if the Dell offline printer issue is removed or not.

Printer Spooler Service

If the printer spooler service is not working well, in such cases printer can cause problems. Thus, it is very important to check if it’s running perfectly or not. Just follow the below mentioned steps to restart the printer spooler service.

• Press Windows logo key + R altogether in the keyboard.

• Now, type “services.msc” and hit enter button.

 • Then, find the “Printer Spooler” item from the list and check the status if it is running.

 • If you cannot see the status, then right click on printer spooler service and press the start button on it.

 • There’s another option for proper running of the printer spooler service i.e. restart the printer spooler service by right-click on printer spooler service option and press the restart button.

• Finally, close the properties Window and check if the Dell printer offline issue vanished or not.