How to Fix Epson Printer Offline On Windows10?

Most of the users face ‘offline’ error while using printer at some point of time. In this article we have addressed the issue of ‘Why Epson printer offline’ and how to fix Epson Printer Offline issue. We have explained in detail the solutions to this offline problems in a very easy way.

These are some of the reason why Epson printer Goes offline:

• If your Epson printer is showing an offline message, it means that there is some connectivity problem between your computer device and Epson printer.

• Epson printer not able to communicate with the computer due to some hardware or software issues.

• Slow or Stopped ‘Spooler’ service might make your printer go Offline.

• If the printer settings is incorrect, where your printer is not selected as “Default Printer” may make your printer go offline.

• Outdated printer driver may prevent your printer from its functioning.


There are several resolutions that discussed in the below section which you can solve your question on “How to Fix Epson Offline On Windows 10”.


Uncheck ‘Use Printer Offline’ option

Steps to Change Epson Printer From ‘Offline’ To ‘Online’ On Windows 10

• Reboot the Epson printer and give 30 seconds or a minute to finish booting.

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• Make sure that the Epson printer is plugged correctly to the computer and also check if it has network connectivity.

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• Log on to computer device by using a local administrator account.

• Go to the start menu and Open Run Dialog box, after that type Control panel.

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• Then Click on the ‘Devices and Printers’. Now printers list will be seen.

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• Right click on Epson printer image and select the “See What’s Printing” option.

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• Click on the printer and deselect the check mark from “Use Printer Offline”. Now the EPSON printer is set online.

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After finishing these steps Epson Printer offline on windows 10 error will fix now and get back online now.


Troubleshoot Spooler Service If Stopped Or Paused

Because of the Spooler Service is stopped, a user might face “Epson printer goes offline on Windows 10” error. Follow the below steps to rectify this type of problem:

• Go to Run box and Type “Services.msc” & click on “OK” button

 • Next, service window will open. From there go to “Print Spooler” option and make sure that the status is shown “Running”. Incase if the status is “Stopped”, right click on “Print Spooler” option and click on “Start” option to resume the services.

 • Close the window and check if these steps bring back Epson printer to ‘Online’ or not. 

So hopefully these resolutions will help you to fix “Epson Printer Offline issue on Windows 10” problem.


Make Sure Clear All Your Printer jobs – If the Print are in Queue

In some cases when print queue got stuck then printer shows offline, you need to clear all print jobs by following below procedure:

• First open run box from windows search and type services.msc, then hit enter that will open the service window.

 • Now find spooler and right click to open the properties click stop and hit on ok button.


• Now open Windows File Explorer then type this %windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS in address bar

• Select all the files in the Printer folder and you need to delete them

• Now Again visit the spooler Properties and Click on start option then hit Ok button.

 • Now Restart your computer now you can see that all print jobs will be clear and print function will work fine now. 

Make Sure Printer Is Set on Default Mode

In many cases your Epson printer goes offline because it is not set as the default printer on windows system.

Follow these steps to set your Epson printer as your default printer:

• Firstly, open the Run Dialog Box from the windows Search

• Then type “control” and press Enter.

 • Now search for ‘Devices and Printer’ from next windows and click on it.

• From the next shown windows of printer list select your printer and right click on it and make sure that there is a check mark on ‘Set  as Default printer’ option. If not then you have to select that specific option.

• Now you will be able to see a green check mark on printer icon.

 • Finally your Epson printer says offline error has been resolved now. 


‘Epson Printer Says offline’ Problem also Occurs Due to Printer Driver Error:

Corrupted or Outdated printer drivers may prevent your printer from printing. This error can be fixed by simply updating or reinstalling the drivers. Follow the below instruction to re-install printer driver:


• At first, Open the ‘Control Panel’ from the start menu.
• Now open ‘Add or remove program’ option and right click on Epson printer driver from the list of programs. Thereafter, click on ‘Uninstall’ option from the popup menu to remove your old printer driver.

• Next go to ‘Device and Printers’ again and click on ‘Add printer’ option.

• On next display window, click on ‘Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer’.

• Depending on your Epson printer’s model number, install related software in Windows.

• After the completion of setup, restart your computer to check if your “Epson printer keeps going offline on Windows 10” error has been fixed or not. 

Check Connection Between Epson printer and PC

The ‘Epson printer goes offline’ error mostly occurs in Windows 7, 8 and 10. This happens most of the times when computer fails to communicate with the printer.

However this error can be easily fixed by making sure that your Epson printer and PC are well connected with the USB. And if there is a fault with the Cable, replace it with a new one. Hopefully this should solve your problem of ‘How to fix Epson Printer Offline on Windows 10’


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