How do i fix my hp deskjet 4100 offline to online?

When you try to print, the printer status or message ‘hp deskjet 4100 offline‘. If the Mac cannot interact with the printer, the offline error appears. If the printer is switched off or a USB cord is disconnected, the offline error appears.

hp deskjet 4100 offline
hp deskjet 4100 offline

How to resolve hp deskjet 4100 offline

Reset printer. Before beginning, make sure the printer is idle and silent. Then unplug the printer’s power cable. Next, disconnect the power cable. Wait a few minutes. Finally, reconnect the power cable.

Remove duplicate printers from the printer list. If you see results for “Print” on Mac, click Print & Fax or Print & Scan.

Then, from the list of devices, locate your printer’s name. If the problem persists, go on to the next step.

The current printer queue should be eliminated. Ajoutez un imprimante en cliquant sur l’Add button dans la Then choose your printer. Then click Add and choose your printer name or AirPrint.

If none of the above works, reset the printing system. It will regain internet and computer connectivity after being reset. After resetting, all damaged connections will be immediately repaired. Immediately reset the system.

Checking USB and Network Connections for HP DeskJet 4100

USB link

  • Disconnect the USB cord from the Mac and reattach it.
  • Turn off the printer and wait. Start the printer after a while.
  • Initially, the printer may create noise when printing pages.
  • Before printing, the printer should be inactive and quiet.
  • Replug the USB cord after a few seconds. If the printer begins printing, wait until it is finished.
  • Stop troubleshooting if the printer prints. If the problem persists, continue on to the next step.

Using a network printer

First, check your computer’s Printer list to see whether your printer is connected. Wait for the printer to idle before restarting it. Restart your router if your printer does not recover your connection. Connect everything and print. If you can’t print, simply go on.


I hope the above method helps you to get back your printer hp deskjet 4100 offline to online, then just click and follow the steps.


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