How to fix HP printer offline on mac?

When the printer is available to connect with the MAC through wireless network or with the help of wired connection, still you are not able to give print as HP printer is showing offline on MAC, there are basic troubleshooting steps through which we can find out that how fix offline HP Printer on MAC?

How do I get my printer back online on Mac?

In order to fix your printer back to normal so you can have your prints without any obstruction, lets start with easy troubleshooting steps and will check if your printer is back to normal and showing offline after each troubleshooting step.

If performing all troubleshooting steps HP printer shows offline then you need to reset the printer and reinstall again.
Lets start with the trouble shooting steps:-

  1. First you need to check the internet connectivity with your MAC device and HP Printer or have to check all wires connection if attached through wired connection. You have to make sure all connections are well connected and there is no loose connection.
  2. Now need to check the printer to check any paper jam inside the printer. You have to make sure that paper are well aligned in the paper tray and enough paper should be there for printing.
  3. Other check is for ink cartage, If showing any low ink error then you need to replace with new ink cartage.
  4. You need to check for any available update for you APPLE product. For that click on Apple Menu and click on software update to install any new updates about printer attachments. Then restart the MAC device. If still HP printer showing Offline on Mac then move to further step.
  5. Now in the doc click on “System Preferences” and click on “print and scan”. Double click on the HP printer icon and if you see the yellow light in front of your printer name then click on “Resume
  6. Now try to give print command by pressing Control + P on the page you want to print. Choose your printer by clicking change button and select your HP printer from the list.

If there is any requirement of reset the printer:-

How to reset HP printer showing offline on MAC?

  1. In apple Menu click on system preferences from drop down menu.
  2. Now click on “Print & Scan
  3. In the printer list press the control key and right click simultaneously and click on “reset printing system
  4. By click on “+” button you can select the HP printer and if name not appear then click on “ Add Printer Or Scanner”. Once you will find out the name of your printer in the list then click “ Add”.
  5. It will download the printer’s driver again and then you need to install it in your MAC and with in couple of minute HP printer will be online and available for printing.