How to Fix Kodak Printer Offline On Mac?

Fix Kodak Printer Offline On Mac

While you are working in home or office and you need some urgent prints of your documents for business meetings and when you want your printer to print out that particular documents for you and your computer says Printer is offline. Commonly this error may occur for seemingly no reason. You are frustrated with lots of questions in your mind such as How do fix kodak printer offline on mac back to online?

Various times, the users of Printer may face problems because of some unwanted printer errors. One of the most common Error that can occur which stops you from completing your printing tasks is Kodak Printer showing offline. Before knowing the fact why your Printer is offline and how to fix it, you should always know reasons behind your printer going offline. There are many reasons responsible for Kodak printer offline error. It may happen due to poor configurations,errors in connection, malfunctioned drivers for the printer.

• Reset the Printer on Mac Computer.

• Ensure that the printer is off before you Proceed.

• If the Printer is switched on, then you need to unplug the power cable from its back. Disconnect from the power outlet as well. Wait for at least 30 seconds.

• Re-plug the power cable into the power Outlet.

• Reconnect the power cord to back of your Printer.

• If in case it does not come back on, then press on the power button.

• Once it turned on, try to print your document out. If you cannot, then follow the next step.

• Remove all the other Printers from Mac.


Kodak Printer Offline On Mac

It happens most of the times that the Mac OS shows Printer is offline when trying to take a printout. It says that the Mac OS is not able to communicate with the connected printer and it is an annoying error for sure, but there could be the simple reason for this, that the printer might be turned off.

• Switch off and on the printer and wait until, it is showing silent for wireless printer connectivity.

• If restarting the printer, does not help in getting the Printer back then try it for the router after close of all network activities. Restart the router now.

• A solid light will always shows the connectivity, so ensure that before proceeding.

• Once after restarting the Printer and computer, now click on the Apple icon at top left corner of your screen and select System Preferences. Click Printers and scanners to open a list of installed printers on Mac.

• To use this step you have to simply click to Print & Scan option.

• In this step you have to push on Print & Scan and option, press Ctrl key and press right click at the same time within the Printer list. Now select “Reset Printing System”.

• Finally Push on “+” button and select the printer from your available printers list. It will took several minutes wait for it to transfer and install printer on Mac on the (+) sign and to add your printer to Mac.


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