How to Fix Konica Minolta Printer Offline On Mac?


Konica Minolta Printer Offline On Mac

Konica Minolta Printers are extremely eminent, presents a vast range of printers for commercial use, home and business. But, the most prominent issue is Konica Minolta Printer Offline. We know that it is really not justifying when you have been working so hard on something and once you give printing command, the computer gives you konica minolta printer offline error.

Below are the Steps to fix the konica minolta printer offline error on Mac?

• Reset Printer on Mac Computer.

• Always ensure the printer if it is off before you Proceed.

• If the Printer is switched on, then unplug the power cable from its back and disconnect from the power outlet as well. Wait for at least 30 seconds.

• Now Re-plug the power cable into the power Outlet.

• After that reconnect the power cord to the back side of your Printer.

• If in case it does not come back on, then press on the power button.

• Once it is turned on, try to print some document out. If you cannot, then follow the next step.

• Remove all other Printers from Mac.

If the same printer is listed multiple times on the computer, then delete all the unwanted entries and keep the one that is showing Idle. Ensure that the Idle printer status ought to be highlighted in the green color. After confirming the status, you need to follow the steps listed below: –

• Open the list of all the present available printers from the Printers and Scanners option.

• Now delete all extra entries of the same printer one by one.

• Then, you have to set the idle printer as the default one. • Finally, try to print your document.

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