How to Fix Konica Minolta Printer Offline On Windows 10?

Why my Konica Minolta Printer is Offline

Konica Minolta Printer

Konica Minolta Printers are extremely eminent, which offers a wide range of printers for business, home and commercial use. However, the most prominent issue is Konica Minolta Printer Offline on Windows 10. We know that it is really annoying when you have been working hard on your business meetings and once you give printing command, the computer gives you Konica Minolta Printer Offline error.


Reasons for Konica Printer Offline Error?

Here is a list of reasons that generally lead to Printer offline error:

1. Connectivity Issue- Sometimes these types of errors occurs due to ignorance. So, check all the connections and you have to make   sure that there is not any loose cables.

2. Outdated Printer Drivers- Outdated or Malfunctioned missing printer software drivers may also lead Konica Minolta Printer Offline error.
3. Hardware Issues- Printer Hardware failure can also be the main reason that leads to Konica Minolta Printer Offline error.


How to fix Konica Minolta Printer Offline error On Windows 10?

Here are some steps mentioned that you can follow to get your Printer back on Windows 10 computer. Hope you will find these technical steps below that are helpful for getting your Konica Minolta Printer back.

1. Reinstall your printer drivers :- Go to the Printers and scanners and Remove your assigned printer from the list. Now download the updated Printer Drivers from the Manufacturer’s website and install them.

2. Ensure If you are using VPN connection :– Konica Minolta Printer offline error may occur if it’s a network Printer and you are using a VPN. In such cases, either you can disconnect the VPN then try to print your document from your Network Printer, or if you want to use VPN then you can connect the Printer to the computer with the USB cord.

3. Change the Printer Settings :– Go to the control Panel, Check the list of available printers and ensure if your Printer is set as a Default Printer. If not, right click on it and make it default printer.

4. Clear the Queue and Restart the Print Spooler Service :– If there are many documents in the Printing queue and too waiting for to be printer out, always note that overloaded printing Queue may also the reason for the Printer offline error. In such case, first of all you need to clear the printing Queue by deleting all the pending print jobs and then Restart the Print Spooler service from the system services list.

5. Check Printer Hardware :– Try to print from another computer to ensure that the Printer Hardware is fine. It can be accomplished by the Printing a connection report from Printer itself and If by any chance it doesn’t come online or doesn’t respond it is due to the Printer Hardware failure.



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