How To Fix Kyocera Printer Offline On Mac?

Kyocera Printer Offline On Mac

We have seen that sometimes an offline state of message appears on Mac whenever you try to take an impression. This always suggests that Mac OS cannot communicate with the connected printer and this is an unacceptable issue for sure, but it may simply occur when the printer is turned off or if the USB connection is loose.

This is the first thing to perform when Kyocera Printer Offline Error occurs on any operating system. Follow the below instructions to make sure. Before continuing with these instructions, always make sure that the printer is connected by checking, if it appears in the list of devices on your system or not.

For USB printer connectivity When Printer Says Offline

• Turn off your printer by just pressing its power button, and afterwards wait for 5 seconds.

• Disconnect the USB cable i.e. connected to the back of your device.

• Turn on your printer. It may start printing the queued documents, so wait for its completion until it finishes its all printing tasks and remain silent before continuing.

• Wait for 5 seconds and reconnect the cable to your desired printer. While you are at it, make sure that the cable is seated properly on the printer’s USB port. In case it starts printing, let the task finishes before going to the next step.

• And after that try printing again. If so, you are ready to go. If not, then read on to and find out how to get the printer online on a wireless network.

For Wireless Printer Connectivity When Printer Says Offline

• Turn off the printer and then turn it on back again and wait for it to become silent.

• If the connection does not return after restarting your printer, then try the same for your router after closing all the activities on the network. To restart the router, first unplug it from the power source and wait for at least ten seconds.

• After connecting the router to the power outlet, wait for it to establish the Internet connectivity. A light will appear automatically that will indicate connectivity, so make sure before continuing.

• Restart your Mac and wait for it to become inactive. Once it restarts, click on the Apple icon that is available on top left corner of screen and choose 

the System Preferences option. Then click on Printers and Scanners to open the list of printers i.e. installed on Mac.
If you are able to choose your printer from the device list, then in that case it is connected. However, if the printer does not appear in the list and you have no option to display it, then the network connection causes the printer offline error.

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