How to Fix Lexmark Printer Offline on MAC ?

How to resolve Lexmark Printer Offline MAC? To connect your printer to the Internet, go to the settings option and then click on printers. Choose to use your printer online by right-clicking on it. Print the test page to verify that the printer is connected.

Lexmark Printer Offline MAC
Lexmark Printer Offline MAC
  1. To begin, you must inspect all cable connections between your Lexmark printer and PC.
  2. Ascertain that the printer tray is free of paper jams.
  3. Additionally, verify that the printer has an adequate paper supply and that all sheets are correctly aligned.
  4. If the warning “low ink cartridge” appears on the screen, change the ink cartridges.
  5. To download and install available updates, tap on the Apple menu and choose “Software Update.
  6. Following that, touch on the Apple menu once again and then select Restart from the drop-down menu.
  7. Navigate to the Dock and choose System Preferences.
  8. Select “Print & Scan” and then double-click the Lexmark
  9. printer icon in the printers list.
  10. This causes the yellow light next to the printer’s name to flicker.
  11. Then choose a Resume.
  12. Now, by hitting Ctrl+P, open a document that you want to print.
  13. Select a printer and click Print.

To reset the printing system, touch on the Apple menu and then on System Preferences.

  1. Following that, click “Print and Scan“.
  2. Hold down the “Ctrl” key and instantly right click on the Printers list.
  3. Select the “Reset Printing System” option.
  4. Select your Lexmark printer by clicking the “+” button if it appears.
  5. If your printer is not visible, choose “Add printer/scanner.
  6. Then, from the list, choose your printer and press the Add button.
  7. Allow a few minutes for your printer to prepare for printing.

The reasons for your Lexmark printer showing as offline are many, which is why I will cover several troubleshooting methods for resolving the Lexmark printer showing as offline on Mac problem.

Take care to follow the directions.

Examine Your Cables

Ascertain that all connections connecting your printer and PC are in good condition. If you discover one that is defective, replace it with a new one. This may seem to be a minor procedure, but keep in mind that most errors are the result of neglect.

Ascertain that the Lexmark printer is set to the default setting.

Occasionally, if you have more than one printer or the default printer is not configured, your Mac will be unable to send any print instructions. Therefore, go to the printer’s settings and designate it as the default printer.

Eliminate Printing Jobs

If your printer has any outstanding print jobs, be careful to remove them and then restart it to verify that the problem has been addressed.

Install the Most Current Drivers

Occasionally, if the driver becomes corrupted or out of date, the likelihood of seeing these types of errors rises significantly. As a result, ensure that your printer driver is updated to the most recent version available.

Your Printer Must Be Reset

If none of these methods resolved the issue, it is advised that you reset your printer to factory settings—Select System Preferences from the Apple menu, followed by Print & Scan. Select the option to reset from here. This ensures that any issues that arise as a result of system settings changes are wiped away.


These methods should have assisted you in fixing the Lexmark printer offline status on MAC. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, feel free to contact us.