How to Fix Ricoh Printer Offline Issue On Mac?

How To Turn Printer Online?

It is always seen that the Mac sometimes has an offline status when you try to print. It is just a matter of fact. This implies that the Mac OS is not able to communicate with the connected printer and it is certainly an intolerable issue, but it can just be resolved by turning off the printer for few seconds or fixing the loose USB connection on the hardware.

Ensure PC Connectivity Printer

This is the first thing that you can perform when Ricoh Printer Offline issue occurs on any OS. To ensure this, follow the following steps. Always make sure that the printer is connected prior to taking these steps, checking whether it appears on your system’s device list.

To switch off the printer, press the power button for USB Printer Connectivity and wait for thirty seconds.

For a USB Printer Connectivity

• Unplug the connected USB cable from the back of device.

• Switch on printer. It could mostly begin to print queued documents, so wait until you finish and silent before proceeding.

• Hang on the cable to your printing device for 30 to 45 seconds. Make sure that the cable securely sits on the printer’s USB port. If it  starts to print, let it finish before proceeding to next phase.

• Printing back again. You are good to go if it does. If not, read how to connect the printer over the wireless network online.

For a Wireless Printer Connectivity

• Switch off and on the printer and wait until it is not ready for wireless printer connectivity.

• After restarting the printer, do not return to the connection, try it for the router after close of all network activities. To restart the router, unplug the router first and wait for ten seconds from the power source.

• Wait for it to establish the Internet connectivity, when you connect the router to the power socket. A light shows its connectivity which ensures before proceeding.

• Boot the computer again and wait until it’s inactive. Click on the Apple icon once it restarts and select System Preferences option. To open a list of printers installed on Mac device, click on the Printers and scanners.
• If the device list allows you to select the printer, it will be automatically linked. If the printer does not appear in the list, however, and you have no options to display it, and the network connection is one of the main reasons that causes a print error offline. 

Printer Reset

• Ensure if the printer is inactive before proceeding.

• Unplug the power cabin from its back when the device is enabled. Turn the same off from the outlet and wait at least for 1 minute.

• Connect the power cable back to power socket.

• Return to the back of the printer with power cord.

• If this is not enabled, please click on the power button.

• Once it’s activated, try to print out the document again. If it is not working, then move on to the following step.

Delete Other Printers on Mac

If the device list allows you to select your printer, it will be linked. If the printer does not appear on the list, however, and you have no options to display it, the network connection causes a print error offline.

Ricoh Printer Offline Issue On Mac
• Delete Other Printers on Mac, and if the same printer is listed on the computer by multiple names, delete the unwanted entries and then the Idle is retained. Note that the status of the Idle printer on the list is always in green color.
Follow the steps below after this has been ensured.

Remove the Printing Queue from this list

Remove the printing queue from this list and add back to creates the fresh printing session on Mac.
Follow the below steps to ensure if the Internet connectivity is available on Mac or not.

Ricoh Printer Offline Issue On Mac


Prints, click on the unit, and click on minus button to delete it.

• In order to re-insert the printer to this list, click Plus.

• Then select the printer from the new appearing list and then click Add Click Use or Print Use.

• After that select the printer or Air Print available.

• When Idle appears in the printer list, try again printing. And try to Print again.
If the status offline still remains then follow the next step in order to fix it.

Reset or Reconfigure the Printing System

Ricoh Printer Reconfigure the Printing System
• Right-click on the blank area in the printer list and choose Reset system, and Confirm for the same as soon as possible.

• Enter the username and password of the administrator account and hit OK after that.

• Wait until the process is finished and you will see that list is vacant.

• Again, add the printer as described above.

• Now print the document.


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