How to Fix ROLLO Label Printer Issues?

ROLLO Label Printer Issues

We have included a some issues with the most recommended solutions below.


The label is not printing


If your Rollo printer is flashing and showing the green light but you don’t see no label advances when you click on “Print”, it is usually because the Rollo is connected to a new USB Port. When the USB port gets changed, your Windows by that time will automatically register the Rollo as a “new” printer so that you can always run and fix Rollo Label Printer Issues with multiple Rollo printers from the same computer device, each with multiple label types and settings.

That means printing from the old printer keeps it in the printing queue.

1. To fix this, locate and open your Control Panel -> Printers and Devices and make a note for which Rollo Printer is "active".

2. Then, always be sure to print to the same active printer name while printing any document.

3. If that implementation doesn't work, unplug and re-plug Rollo into the exact and same USB port as before. This should then restore your printing without any further changes.

Mac Device

Are you using Rollo Labels? Rollo grants authority to allows labels to get purchased from anywhere, that ultimately offering customers more freedom and flexibilty.

However, Rollo does require customers to buy the label holder used in conjunction with their respective printer if you want to use roll labels. This holder sits behind the printer and helps in feeding the labels through.

Are you using the USB to Connect Your Printer to your MAC Device?

1. First, unplug the Rollo's USB cable from your MAC device, then turn off your printer, and unplug it.

2. Secondly, on the printer page on the Mac, hover your mouse over the box (where you would more often see the printers) and hold the Command key + right-click. A prompt should show up to reset your printing system.

3. Download the updated MAC driver using this link.

4. Plugin the Rollo printer (you should definitely use the same power adapter that came in with the printer package) into a wall socket (do not use any extension cords as it can be plugged in directly to the wall). 

Turn on the machine and follow the below steps.

1. Implement and process the automatic label identification by pressing and holding the top circular button on top of your printer, and wait for one beep, and then let go.

2. The labels will move back and forth and you will see a green light flashing. Then afterwards press and hold the circular button and wait for 2 beeps that should print a self-test

3. Connect the USB cable directly to your MAC device and start from Step 4 from this article. 

Label font is small

The font on a 4×6 label may appear small due to the various paper settings occurrence.

1. Right-click on your Rollo printer icon to view printing preferences.

2. Thereafter, In Layout, click Advanced to set the label size.

3. To achieve and target the standard font sizes for 4x6 Rollo-printed label, always remember keep mind to set the paper size to 100mm x 150mm.

Label keeps re-printing

If you are trying and attempting to print a label, but your Rollo printers again and again re-printing an old label, it is likely because when Rollo has not learned your label’s properties.

To update the properties turn Rollo off and turn it back on, to clear any of the pending printing jobs.

1. You ought to ensure that you have a label loaded for Rollo to print, followed with many other labels.

2. Press and hold top-circular button until you hear one beep, and after that let go. This will automatically starts the automatic label identification. You should see your label moving back and forth and stop at the correct tear off point.

3. When you see a green light flashing, then try to print any document. This should result in the correct printed label.



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