How To Fix Samsung Printer Offline On Windows 10?


Samsung Printers Connected to USB Shows Offline

Samsung Printer Offline On Windows 10

If anytime of the time Samsung printer shows offline or window pop-ups with offline status that means desktop and printer are not communicating or showing errors. How to bring fix Samsung printer offline on windows 10 is not a big deal to resolve it.

Why my Samsung Wireless Printer Keep Going Offline

There are many other reasons that are responsible when the printers go offline but you can try to resolve this by yourself. When Samsung printer is connected with USB, follow the below steps:

1. Check if printer power connectivity is ON or OFF.

2. Have a look at USB cable if it it's fully inserted into both devices port.

3. Need to Change USB cable If the printer still shows Offline.

NOTE: Try USB cable less than 6ft for the better connectivity.

4. Always keep in mind that Samsung printer drivers is not set to offline:
    1. To resolve this click on control panel and open Devices and Printers.
    2. Select the Samsung printer and right click on mouse. 

Select Samsung Printer in window at top bar left and unchecked the box “Printer Offline” option.

1. Reinstall Samsung printer drivers.

2. Afterwards, Download the latest driver. 

Samsung Printer Offline On Windows 10

Check Samsung printer offline how to connect Samsung printer to Wi-Fi, and how to fix and wireless set up connection meets the below following requirements:

• Check both the Samsung printer and computer, confirm if they are connected to same network.

• Type correct password when prompted to enter the Network Security Key.

• Router setup must be always closer to the Samsung printer and take responsibility to make sure the network connectivity.

• Set up the printer IP address and your network.

Steps to Fix Samsung Printer Offline Issue

1. Check printer power connectivity is ON or OFF.

2. Change IP address.

3. You ought to ensure TCP/IP port is working.

4. Disable SNMP feature. 

To Disable the SNMP feature, follow the below steps:

1. Visit the Control Panel, and click Devices and Printers.

2. Right-click on the printer displaying “Offline“, and click on Printer Properties. 

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