How To Fix Toshiba Printer Offline On Mac?

Toshiba Printer Offline On Mac

Printing a document or an image is mostly a quick task. Occasionally, your printer may display an offline status and not processing your printing command. If your printer is offline for no apparent reason, the few printer troubleshooting steps will often get it back from offline to online and printing again.

Here’s a look at why your printer is offline and how to fix Toshiba Printer Offline on Mac specifically.

Causes of a Printer Being Offline

There are several reasons why your printer can be offline. There might be the problem with printer cables, or perhaps with a printer driver is corrupted, needs an update, or is not installed. Some printer settings might be incorrect, or an open or incomplete printing job is causing an error.
Whatever the reason might be, restoring your printer to online status is usually a quick and easy job.

How to Fix Toshiba Printer When It Is Offline on a Mac

If you are troubleshooting an offline printer with your Mac, some of the fixes are the mostly the same as those for a Windows PC.

1. Turn the Mac off and back on. As with your Windows PCs, many Mac problems are cured by a simple task by restarting it.

2. Power cycle the printer. As with many of the electronic devices, turning a printer off and on again most of the times fixes Toshiba Printer Offline problems, including a printer that appears offline. You need to Turn the printer off, unplug it, and wait for 30 seconds, and plug it back in. Turn it on and try again. If it still shows offline, continue its troubleshooting.

3. Make sure the printer is connected to the network or computer. If the printer is not properly connected to the network, or your computer device, it won't respond. If the printer physically connects to your computer device, always make sure the cables are securely plugged in. If it's a wireless printer, always check its network connection status.

4. Make sure the printer is always set as default. A different printer might be set as the default printer, which could kick the printer you want to use offline.

5. Delete any open print jobs. If any printing job could be stuck, causing a backlog and sending the printer into offline status. Delete open printing jobs, then try your printing job again all over again.

6. Uninstall and reinstall the printer. This process gives you the printer all new fresh start. After you uninstall the printer, restart your computer device and then reinstall the printer.

7. Reset the Mac's printing system. If everything else fails, then you have to reset the Mac's printing system. This should be the last resort because it will certainly removes several permissions and settings, so always proceed with caution.

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