How to fix Epson Expression XP 5100 offline error?

Epson Expression Home XP 5100 offline issue

Step 1 : Connection check between Epson printer and computer

If you are facing Expression Home XP offline issue then before start with the printer offline troubleshooting steps, we should check all connections between printer and computer. This will also help to save the time and struggle.

One of the most basic errors is loose connection between printer and computer in case of wired connection. If find loose connection, then connect it properly and restart your both device Epson printer and computer. Your “Epson printer online” status will appear in bottom right corner.

Just to avoid the troubleshooting hassle , you should check USB cable connection on both end of devices or you can also check by replacing USB cable if you have another cable handy. If you found out that there is no problem with the connections and still showing same offline error then move to further step…

Step 2 – Epson printer offline to online Manually

Initial steps to bring Epson printer offline to online for windows 7

  1. On the left bottom corner of screen click on the start button
  2. Click the control panel and the click device and printer

Initial steps to bring Epson printer offline to online for windows 10

  1. Click on start button >go to setting> Click on device> printer and scanner
  2. Right click on Epson printer icon and in new pop up menu click on see what’s printing
  3. In new pop up window, click on printer in the top bar.
  4. In pop up menu select use printer online.

Step 3 – Remove all pre given printing commands.

  1. Right click on Epson printer icon in the showing list and then click see what’s printing.
  2. Right click and then select cancel to remove all pre given printing commands
  3. Now select use printer online again.
  4. If still showing printer offline error then restart your computer again.

If Epson printer showing offline error again then move to further step…..

Step 4 :- Have to reinstall Epson printer

  1. Click on start > settings > devices > Printer and scanner
  2. Click on Epson printer icon and then click on remove device.
  3. Open the Epson official site in the browser and download the latest updated printer drivers for Epson printer.
  4. Reinstall the drivers and restart the device.

If this step is not able to take the Epson printer online from offline then take the backup of all the drivers and data of printer and remove all printer drivers and programs from your computer and move to further step:

Step 5 – Reinstall all Epson printer driver and package

  1. Log in user account with admin username and password
  2. Click on start button > all programs> accessories> command prompt
  3. In the new window of command prompt, type PRINTUI /s /t2. Make sure to give space in between the command. By doing this you will get new window “ Print Properties
  4. Remove all the drivers and packages for Epson printer in the showing list.
  5. Click on add a printer to reinstall it again.

Your Epson printer will show online and will be ready to give you uninterrupted printing services.

About Expression home XP 5100 small in one printer

The Epson Expression XP 5100 comes with the facility of all in one inkjet with dual function of print and scan. This peinter is compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux.

With the decent capacity of 150 sheet in the tray it can also accept the up to 25# basis weight which is bit more then common office bonds but its less than other printer capacity in comparison.

This printer has 2.5 inch medium size of display screen also its come up with the facility of memory card reader. You can connect this printer directly to your computer with the help of USB cable or Wi-Fi Connectivity option is also available in printer which makes the work fast and easier.

The Epson Expression XP-5100 runs on Inkjet technology. In this technology moving head sprays liquid ink onto the papers. With the printing speed of 13 pages per minute its cost you 5.8 cents per page. Printing quality on glossy paper is also fair. Expression home XP 5100 has duplex printing quality through which you can print both side of the page with bit loss of quality. Sheet tray capacity is of 150 paper at a time max.

Copy & Scanning

This expression Home XP 5100 is good and fast for scanning and coping purpose.

Connectivity & Network

Epson Expression XP 5100 has inbuilt memory card reader so you can print any document by just insert a SD card in the printer. Also there is the facility of USB cable connectivity, by which you can directly attach the computer or laptop for printing job. Also you can print document with wirelessly with Wi-Fi. The best printing facility for Apple users is inbuilt Air print to print wirelessly from your apple devices. Also you can print email by just send it remotely to printer.

Note – this is a noisy printer while printing, so keep it away from the areas where you need silence.

Support for Epson Printer Offline Issue – Fix & Resolve

No one would like to see his/her Epson printer status offline mainly at the work time. But, devices may get issues and this condition affects your printing requirements. When you make your printing device ready to work, but your PC shows it is offline. As an outcome, you are not able to print your files. This issue really makes you stressed and even makes you crazy sometimes. Such condition generally happens because of wrong set up and configuration or due to errors in the printer software. In order to resolve all such issues, you need to call a professional team who provide support for Epson printer offline problem.

Why Your Epson Printer Shows Offline?

There can be many reasons that show a printer offline in such a stat. The issues may be related to connectivity, software update, preference setting, and etc. Sometimes people are able to resolve these issues by own but it is not true all the time because solving such problem by own may result in creating other issues due to the lack of technical expertise.

How to Fix Epson Printer Offline Problem?

If you apply the given solutions here, you can easily fix the Epson printer offline error. Here we have discussed the printer offline error in detail and provided proven solutions to fix it.

Rule Out Any Malfunctioning Cable Issue to Fix Epson Printer Offline

  • Loose or damaged power chord and the connecting cables might trigger the Epson printer offline error.
  • Remove all the cables, and carefully look for any damage. If you find any, this could be what’s causing the problem. You should change the cable.
  • Now again connect all the cables and power on the printer. See if it has the power supply and then give the Print command to determine if the Epson printer offline issue is resolved or not.

Restart Your Router to Eliminate Any Connection Issue

If your printer is connected over a wireless network, initializing the router may bring back the Epson printer online from offline:

  • Remove your router’s power chord from the power supply outlet and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now plug it again and then restart your computer. Wait for some time; let your computer and printer establish the connection via the router.
  • Now print something, if you can then the Epson printer offline issue is fixed and there is no need to perform other steps.

Reset the Printer Spooler Services

The spooler service is a software program that manages all the print jobs that are sent to the computer’s printer. Restarting this service will ensure that spooler service settings are reset which could solve the Epson printer offline issue.

  • Press Windows + R button on the keyboard to launch the Run application. In the run dialogue box type services. msc and press Enter.
  • From the list of services locate the Print Spooler service. Now Double click on it to open its properties.
  • Click the on the Stop button under the system status and then click Ok to save the changes.
  • Now close the open tabs and restart your computer the apply the changes and see if the printer starts printing or not.

Try Disabling the SNMP Settings

SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol and wireless printers that connect to your computer use this protocol for enhanced functionality and to strengthen the security of the connection. SNMP setting could cause the printer to go offline so disabling them might help.

  • Go to the Control Panel and then select Devices and Printers.
  • Select printers from the list and once in the printers window, find your device, right-click on it, and from the drop-down menu select Properties.
  • Now go to the configuration tab and click on Ports. Here click on Configure ports and then uncheck the SNMP Status Enabled option.

Re-install the Epson Printer Software

Corrupt Epson software with missing or deleted files might interrupt the printing process and can cause Epson printer offline error. To troubleshoot this you need to re-install it:

  • Open the control panel on your computer and then select uninstall software option.
  • From the list of installed programs, find EPSON Printer Software and right-click it, then choose the uninstall option
  • Now download the latest available printer software for your Epson printer from the official Epson website and install it on your computer.

These are all the proven solutions that could fix the Epson printer offline issue. But if even applying all the troubleshooting steps, the issue still persists; you should contact the Epson customer support for further assistance.