How to Fix Epson printer offline mac ?

How to resolve Epson printer offline mac? Numerous printer brands are available on the market, each offering a unique set of printing services. Epson, on the other hand, is the most reputable printer brand.

Epson printers are renowned for producing high-quality papers and providing an exceptional user experience. Many of us rely on Epson printers to print numerous documents in our daily lives. Occasionally, we encounter issues that prevent us from printing. One such issue is when an Epson printer is offline on mac an error status message appears on your Mac when you are attempting to print something critical.

The Epson printer offline error indicates that the printer and the operating system are unable to interact. It becomes tough to manage such circumstances; after all, time is limited.

Epson printer offline mac

Epson printer offline mac

Epson printer offline issues on Mac may arise for a variety of reasons:-

  • Communication is an issue.
  • There is an issue with the Epson printer driver.
  • It is possible that the printer is in standby mode.
  • Mac assigned Command to the incorrect printer.
  • Due to security concerns, the Mac firewall disabled the printer.

Thus, the following methods will assist you in resolving the Epson printer offline issue on Mac.

How To Resolve The Epson Printer Is Not Connected To The Mac Error

Eliminate Additional Printers from your MAC

Oftentimes, the most frequent cause of the “printer offline” issue is numerous installations of the same printer. As a result, you must delete all Epson Printer properties from your Mac. After that, attempt to add your printer.

So how do you go about it? To remove the additional printer from your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, explore the “Apple Menu.” Where the “System Preferences” option is located.
  2. After selecting “System Preferences,” a new window with many choices will appear. Among these, choose “Printer and Scanner.”
  3. After selecting “Printer and Scanner,” a new window opens with a list of all printers connected to your Mac.
  4. You may remove comparable printers or newly installed printers from this screen.
  5. To do this, just click on the printer from the list and then on the “” sign located in the lower-left corner of the Printer and Scanner window.
  6. Following that, your additional printer will be removed from the list.
  7. Now, configure your printer to be the default printer.
  8. Finally, restart your Epson printer.

Following these instructions will fix your Epson printer offline Mac problem. If not, continue with the next procedures.

Once you have cancelled print requests, restart your printer.

  1. To cancel a print request, double-tap the printer icon in the taskbar’s lower-right corner.
  2. There is a print request there; you may cancel it by clicking the “X” button next to it.
  3. After that, restart both the printer and your Mac.
  4. Then attempt to print. It might work.

Reinstall the Epson printer driver on your MacBook.

As with Windows, macOS needs drivers to communicate with compatible devices. Therefore, if you haven’t installed the correct driver for your Epson printer, your Mac will be unable to communicate with your printer, resulting in the printer offline error.

To resolve this issue, look for or download the latest current Epson driver for your Mac. This will fix the issue with printer compatibility. Additionally, to ensure that you download the correct driver, you may do it from the Epson printer’s official website.

Ascertain That Your Printer Is Active.

Before printing anything from your Epson printer, be sure it is not idle or in standby mode. Typically, while the printer is inactive, it will display a yellow or amber light.

If your printer displays this light, you must click the power button located on the printer. This switches your printer from the dormant to the active state. When your printer becomes operational, it changes the colour of the power light to either blue or green (depending on the printer model you have).

USB Connection Troubleshooting

Prior to jumping to any conclusions, you should do some manual troubleshooting. This indicates that you need to “reconnect the USB connection between your Mac and the printer.”

Following that, attempt to rejoin your Epson printer to the wireless network. When your Mac encounters an offline Epson printer issue, try this approach. In some instances, standard troubleshooting will fix this issue. Furthermore, if problems occur, you may contact support. They will point you in the correct direction.

Occasionally, a normal reset works.

  • Before proceeding, ensure that your Epson printer is turned off.
  • Detach the printer’s power cable after it has gone offline.
  • Disconnect a comparable item from the electrical plug. Then, you must wait at least one minute.
  • Reconnect the printer cable. If it does not power on automatically, power it on by pushing the power button.
  • When the printer comes on, attempt to take a printout. Occasionally, such issues may be caused by a little disconnect.
  • Thus, here at the conclusion of the blog, we attempt to cover all possible causes of the “printer offline error.” Additionally, we have outlined a solution for these problems in MAC.

If none of these options works, you may contact Epson printer support. Explain your issue to an Epson support representative; they will assist you the rest of the way.