How to fix HP Officejet 3830 Offline Error

How to bring back HP offline printer to online?

HP officejet 3830 offline error
Officejet 3830 offline to online

How to fix HP officejet 3830 offline to online?

If HP officejet 3830 printer showing offline and not able to print any page, its indicate the poor connection of officejet 3830 with internet or computer, Printer driver failure of some pages are stuck in the printer. Sometime time we face this issue because of pending print job or multiple print command in very short time span.

Simple steps to remove offline error from HP officejet 3830 printer

  1. Restart – you need to restart the printer by just switch off the power button . Wait for 15 secoond and switch it back on.
  2. if still getting offline error, then restart the computer or MAC to which your HP office jet 3830 is connected.
  3. if computer or MAC is not connected with USB wire then you need to restart the wireless access point once.
  4. if connected with cable , then check the cable which connect HP printer to router. Remove this cable from both end and wait for a minute.

5 Make sure the wireless indication lamp should respond. if its is responding then you can enjoy your printing wirelessely.

  1. if wireless will not work then reattach the data cable / USB cable and ofline hp printer will come online. Now you will be able to print the documents.

Easy troubleshooting steps to fix HP printer offline to online

  1. We need to check and make some changes in setting of printer. In first step, we have to shut down both Hp printer showing offline and computer both. Wait for 15 seconds and restart both devices again. After restart, click on start button in left bottom corner of your computer screen.
  2. Type control panel in search bar. Once you are in control panel, click on printers menu. In new pop up menu, check that HP printer Officejet 3830 should be set as default. If not then click on the icon of HP printer 3830 and make it default manually. Then right click on same icon and then on printing options to check the pending printing jobs in offline HP printer, if showing any remove them first. Select the printer options and uncheck printer offline.
  3. If the use printer offline is disable , we need to enable this first. After few seconds uncheck the use printer offline option. Try execute a connection test, for a network printer. if the problem is occurring, restart the printer spooler.
  4. The HP Officejet 3830 printer uses the printer spooler to perform the print job. Click Windows + R and type services.msc in the Run dialog box. Click the Enter key or click the OK button on computer screen. The Services window opens, locate Print Spooler and right-click on. Click the Restart option. After the restarting process will complete, check if the offline error still appears.
  5. After the printer properties, open the Control Panel on your computer. Choose Devices and Printers, right-click on the icon of your HP printer. Right click on Printer Properties from the menu and select the Ports tab. Select the correct IP address of your printer from the list and choose the Configure Port button.
  6. Uncheck SNMP Status Enabled and then click the OK button to save the changes. install your HP Officejet 3830 printer drivers again, move to the Devices and Printers section.
  7. Check your printer model and right-click on it. click Remove Device and click the OK button on the confirmation window. After uninstalling, again install the latest version of the HP Officejet 3830 printer software.