How to Fix Ricoh Printer Offline Issue On Windows 10?

Ricoh Printer Offline Issue On Windows 10

How to fix Ricoh printer offline on windows 10 to online is a critical question that pop-ups in every mind of user who is using Ricoh printer. An experienced or technical person very well knows the reason behind why Ricoh printer showing offline or how to fix an Offline Ricoh Printer Online.

Mostly the reason behind the printer offline is WMI or SNMP that required the connection through printer. There is many certain reason when SNMP cannot communicate with printer and display wrong status details. Hence, you can always follow few simple steps on how to fix Ricoh printer offline issue on windows 10 by just following technical steps. Yet you can use our certified technical expert who is 24*7 available on chat.

Why Ricoh printer Showing Offline?

Ricoh printer connectivity status can be requested through two different methods or protocols. Such as SNMP OR WMI. Both methods SNMP or WMI lead to print as well as Share documents as SNMP first. In few of cases SNMP communication is less reliable or shows older printer status. Most of the times, Ricoh printer offline status generally depends upon communication with its protocols. Therefore, “Steps to fix Ricoh printer offline” issues are mentioned below: In first solution we will request printer status communication via WMI or will disable SNMP.

1. Click on Open Print and Share setting. 

2. Open the “Profiles “dialog and click on to change it on upper right corners box.

3. In “Profiles” click on the general configuration.

4. Afterwards, select general setting in general configuration.

5. Next, change the communication method to “WMI” only.

6. Click on OK and save setting

7. Try to printer the document.

Important Measures to Fix Ricoh Printer Offline On Windows 10:

Ricoh printer offline in windows 10 problem is now solved and now we need to check power connectivity and wired or wireless network router connection on printer and desktop. Further, follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Click to the Open Print and Share Setting.

2. Click to upper right corner to open the “profiles” dialog.

3. Select your profile by clicking on “Profiles” dialog and edit.

4. Now, select the printer channel options in list.

5. Afterwards, tap the below button bellow the printer channel list.

6. Select dialog (printer error levels) in Channel list.

7. Find error and change the offline status to None.

8. Click on OK and save setting.

9. Now Try to Print a document.