How to Fix Ricoh Printer Offline Issue On Windows 10?


How to fix Ricoh printer offline on windows 10 to online is a critical question that pop-ups in every mind of a user who is using Ricoh printer.

An experienced or technical person very well knows why Ricoh printer is showing offline or how to fix an Offline Ricoh Printer Online.

Ricoh printer offline on windows 10
Ricoh printer offline on windows 10

Mostly, the printer being offline is WMI or SNMP that requires the connection through the printer. There are many specific reasons when SNMP cannot communicate with the printer and display incorrect status details.

Hence, you can always follow a few simple steps to fix the Ricoh printer offline issue on windows ten by just following technical steps.

Why Ricoh printer Showing Offline?

Ricoh printer connectivity status can be requested through two different methods or protocols. Such as SNMP OR WMI. Both ways, SNMP or WMI, lead to print as well as Share documents as SNMP first.

In a few cases, SNMP communication is less reliable or shows older printer status. Most of the time, Ricoh printer offline status generally depends upon communication with its protocols. Therefore, “Steps to fix Ricoh printer offline” issues are mentioned below:

In the first solution, we will request printer status communication via WMI or will disable SNMP.

Resolving the Ricoh printer offline issue is a technical procedure. ‘Print and Share’, on the other hand, prompts for information through SNMP mode.

As a result, it might be an offline printer issue. Now you must either do the printer offline troubleshooting methods detailed in the article or contact a specialist. 

How to reactivate my Ricoh printer 

Ricoh offline errors may arise due to driver difficulties, network connection, SNMP or WMI issues, or the printer is unable to interact with the desktop.

These are all serious printer issues that can be resolved by a technical professional. ‘Print and Share’ may help locate a Ricoh technical issue, but fixing it requires technical procedures.

How to repair a Ricoh printer offline on windows 10 

Follow the instructions below to get your Ricoh printer online in Windows 10:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel by clicking on the desktop start bar.
  2. In the desktop sidebar, tap to launch printer windows.
  3. Configure the Ricoh printer to be the default printer.
  4. Now, right-click on the printer option and pick the printer queue from the context menu.
  5. If necessary, clear the printer list.
  6. After that, tick the ‘Use printer when offline‘ option and wait a few seconds.
  7. Verify that the printer is connected to the PC through a USB cable.
  8. Ascertain if the network connection is active and functional.
  9. Restart your Ricoh printer and attempt to print. 


The above steps solve your query Ricoh printer offline on windows 10 to online; I hope this article help you.

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